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Travel Ventures International Review

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

If you have been looking at starting your own business online or even at making a couple of bucks part-time, chances are you have run into Travel Ventures International (or TVI Express for short) and are wondering if this might be the right opportunity for you. Coming across this article means that you have taken the time to do some homework which already puts you a little bit ahead of most of your future competitors. Hopefully this article will provide some invaluable information that will help you decide whether or not to take the plunge.

Travel Ventures International

What is Travel Ventures International?

TVI Express is a Direct Selling company that prides itself in combining the three trends taking the Internet by storm at the moment; namely Travel and Tourism, the Internet and the Home Based Business Phenomenon. It has three global offices in Cyprus, India and the UK and is available in over 150 countries world-wide.

The Product?

At its core, TVI Express is a business opportunity that allows people to recruit new members and earn commissions on them. But it does, however also serve as a Travel Membership for those simply looking to take advantage of the exclusive travel discounts from their myriad of well-known Partners. The company also offers travel vouchers as compensation to the distributors and we will go into detail on how this works next.

The Compensation Plan

TVI Express has a 3-tier Compensation Plan.
Tier1: The Revolving Matrix. The system consists of two boards, the Traveler Board and the Express Board. The Traveler Board is the first board and has a payout of $250 in cash and $250 in the travel vouchers that we mentioned before. You can use the travel vouchers for anything from flight tickets to accommodation anywhere in the world. The Express Board is the money board as it pays out a whopping $10,000 in cash and $5,000 in travel vouchers. Cycling out of these two boards is as simple as recruiting two people and helping them to get their two. But this is where I get confused with the whole “product” part of the system. Since the product is a travel membership, what happens if I just join for the discounts and have no desire to take on the opportunity? Wouldn’t that be frustrating for the person who sponsored me? Surely it would be because I would be essentially causing a bottleneck in their organization. But I digress...

Tier2: Residual income. Distributors have the opportunity to earn 5-10% from TVI Express group revenue sales in their existing downline. This in an un-capped amount and applies to all levels of your organization.
Tier3: Power Pool. The company’s global revenue is pooled once a month and, depending on how high up the food chain they are, distributors can have their piece of the pie.

The Catch?

As with any business venture, getting in is not free. Travel Ventures charges $250 to all its new members. The start-up fee, for those just looking for the discounts, is a lifetime membership as well as a 6 day/7 night stay in a Hotel of choice anywhere in the world. For the entrepreneurs, $250 earns you the right to be a Travel Ventures International Independent Representative and a shot at the big bucks.

Valuable Tips on Airline Travel - How to Save Big-Time

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If the traveler were to ask passengers of the same aircraft traveling exactly the same schedule just how much they paid for their tickets, he would find an enormous variation in costs. If the same traveler would like to be the individual aboard the airline that paid the very least for his ticket, he must understand how to find inexpensive tickets. We would like to share some valuable tips on airline travel here. Utilizing all available resources including websites and checking with local agents through newspaper, TV, and radio ads can yield values for airline tickets. Websites are available which allows the traveller a quick and easy way to compare rates. Merely enter your trip schedules and preferences and the rates for a variety of airline carriers and destination routes will appear. It is best to search at least three different sites to find these valuable tips on airline travel. In general, there are some guidelines to follow when booking that can help to secure the most inexpensive airline travel: 1. Book in advance. Aim to book a minimum of 21 days in advance since airline carriers give reduced prices for early booking. When the traveller has months before he intends to travel, it's important to check the costs regularly and watch to find the best package. Sudden price wars among airline carriers may possibly abruptly drive down prices. Some consumers have even noted that rates have a tendency to drop at certain times during the month as well as on certain days of the week. Look for trends and book a trip when the best price appears. 2. Flexibility. When looking for valuable tips for airline travel, having flexible travelling alternatives could yield even more low-cost bargains. The most affordable flight deals frequently include travelling during the week with a Saturday night stay. Also, the time of day during which an individual journey is taken can certainly make a difference. Early morning and late evening flights are often the least popular and offer the best deals. Also, attempt to plan a trip during an off-season or off-peak time period. 3. Ask the service representative. There could possibly be further inexpensive airline travel deals that are unadvertised or that travellers were unaware of. Many airline carriers have special reduced prices for active armed service personnel. When checking-in the day of travel, determine if any particular upgrade options are available. There may be fantastic bargains to be had--but a person just must inquire. 4. Bundle your trip. Should you book your trip together with a package that included hotel and rental car, it is feasible that the purchase price would be less expensive than booking individually. When looking for valuable tips for airline travel, it really pays to shop around. The prices on airline tickets change rapidly, but the traveller who knows the ins-and-outs of how airline pricing works can have a definite advantage.

Tips to Get Airline Travel Discounts

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We all need to get away. Our vacations are the one thing that we look forward to all year. Unfortunately what happens sometimes is that we tend to feel the stress of how am I going to afford the vacation that I've been dreaming about? Well I hope that with a few of my tips, you will be able to get some airline travel discounts. Here are some tips to find the lowest fare air ticket: Buy tickets 3-5 months before your departure date Some airlines offer discounts for early buyers. It's also best to buy your tickets at least 20 days in advance to ensure the best seating possible, most discounted tickets sell out fast. You should also know that Airline Tickets are subject to price increase, especially during Christmas season, so buying early avoids further ticket increase. Never fly on weekends If you're planning a trip, plan to leave on weekdays, preferable Monday to Wednesday. Weekends are high traffic times, for travelers and would probably cost you an additional $25-$40 increase. Don't travel During Peak season Airlines tend to increase ticket prices during Peak travel season due to the increase in demand. Traveling during low season is also advantageous if you want to avoid airport and tourist spot crowds. If you really have to travel during peak season, consider leaving home early and going home late to avoid the rush. How long to Stay Yes your travel stay also affects airline ticket prices. Airlines give discounts if you stay at least a week at your destination and return within 90 days. Consider a Connecting Flight Contrary to popular belief, direct flights aren't always the cheapest. Some people have saved up to $1000 dollars on booking connecting instead of Direct flights. If you don't have a lot of luggage, and aren't very particular with time, it is best, and a lot cheaper to book a connecting flight instead of direct. Use the senior citizen discount Some Airlines offer the same senior Citizen discount for the companions of the Senior Citizen. Ask if it's available. The Early Bird gets the Airline Ticket Call Airlines at 12:01 am on Wednesday mornings. This is when airlines release all the new fares and seat plans. You can be first and choose the best and cheapest tickets at this time. Shop on the Internet The best feature of the internet is that you see all available Prices from a very convenient place, your home. You won't have to canvass travel agencies. Some internet sites even offer internet only discounts that you can benefit from if you use their services. When you do shop on the internet Check first with travel agents regarding prices, Internet prices aren't always the cheapest, it's best to ask a good old travel agent. It won't hurt to look at news papers too, as some airlines publish discounts on print. If you're planning to buy more than 6 months in advance, it's probably best to ask a travel guide as internet sites don't usually have schedules for longer than six months. Airline travel discounts are everywhere; you just need to know how to find them! I hope that with these tips, that's exactly what you are going to be able to do. Now go out there and get that lowest fare air ticket! Happy travels.

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